What to do when a UTI is not cured by antibiotics?

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Occasionally, the symptoms of a UTI do not go away despite finishing a course of antibiotics. If this happens, you may need to send a urine sample to a laboratory for testing. Medical analysts can test your urine sample to find out which form of bacteria is present. They can also investigate which antibiotic would be most effective in treating it. After urine testing, you may need to try a different course of antibiotics to properly treat the infection.

 Sometimes, urinary symptoms such as painful urination, bloody urine or cloudy urine are not caused by a UTI. Kidney and bladder stones, as well as diabetes can all cause changes in your urine. In such cases, antibiotics will not resolve the symptoms you are experiencing. If your symptoms persist, ensure a sample of urine is analysed to check that the diagnosis of UTI is correct.

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