Taking a urine test for a UTI


One of the best ways to diagnose a UTI is by performing a urine test called urinalysis. This test is performed using a dipstick, which is a plastic stick treated with different chemicals. 

The stick is dipped in a urine sample and changes colour if levels are above normal. The dipstick can check for various things, but the most relevant for diagnosing a UTI are leukocytes, nitrites and blood. 

The presence of leukocytes, or white blood cells and blood, could indicate an infection or certain illnesses. Nitrites in the urine could indicate the presence of bacteria. 

If a urine dipstick indicates that you have a UTI, you will receive a prescription for antibiotics and can begin treatment. Antibiotics are the best way to fight a UTI and you should feel better within a few days of completing your course of treatment.  

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